The longest bridal train in the world: Record-breaking wedding dress stretches over TWO MILES of Italian church steps.

A model on the steps of Rome’s Trinita dei Monti showcasing Molaro’s new design

Brides seeking a showstopping dress to ensure all eyes are on them for their big day need look no further.
This incredible silk and tulle concoction, designed by Gianni Molaro, boasts a record-breaking train measuring almost two miles in length.

It was modelled today on the steps of Rome’s Trinita dei Monti in Italy to celebrate the opening of Molaro’s new workshop, the sheer white material rippling out over the Renaissance stonework to complete the fairytale effect.
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Gonna get married next year!

I am gonna get married next year and I really mean it. As for now, I must keep more saving so that I can use the money for the preparation. I know I need to work hard to realize my dream… but at the same time, I also want to have this diesel fuel transfer tank for my truck.

Believe it or not, my future wife also want the tank too. She said it really helpful each time we want to go for a long trip with the truck. I am so lucky to have her as my future wife because she really understanding.

How about you?
Do you have a dream to buy this one for your truck?

Coroner Rules Dingo Took Away Australian Baby

A 32-year mystery over the disappearance of a baby in Australia’s outback has come to an end after a coroner rules that a dingo was responsible for the death of Azaria Chamberlain.

The coroner’s finding ends a three-decade fight for justice by Azaria’s parents, Michael Chamberlain and Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, who was jailed for three years over her daughter’s death before she was later cleared.

Nine-week-old Azaria disappeared on August 17, 1980, from a tent in a camping ground near Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, which is one of Australia’s main tourist attractions.
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Manchester United – league title is still in their hand?

To be or not to be… I believe this is something that really makes MU fans happy. But for Manchester City, certaily not.

Mancini remains adamant the title is not in City’s hands even though his side would almost certainly finish top if they win their remaining three games given their superior goal difference. Roberto Mancini claims the pressure will not bother either Manchester United or Manchester City in the Premier League title race, but is still tipping his rivals for glory.

As for me, I always believe that Manchester City can defeat MU soon. How about you? Do you think Manchester United can keep the record again this year?

New guitar bass for 2012

Boss Bass can be the best option for you specially if you are a person who are into bass guitar. You can choose the newest basses for this 2012 within just few clicks.

I have few friends that quite expert in playing bass and drum. I do respect them because they have a big passion in it. I believe they can success in their life… once, they were invited by the big company to join the roadshow tour.

Guys… I hope you guys can create your own history… !

Igor is finally home…!

This is a true story. Igor, a runaway beaver is recovering in a Devon zoo after spending three years on the run in the wilds of south west England.

Experts are convinced the creature is one of three beavers who made a break for freedom from their home in Lifton in October 2008. Two were quickly recaptured, but the third – a male named Igor – slipped through the net… until last week when he was discovered alive and well, and living in a slurry pit 20 miles away.

The trio slipped through an electric fence, rendered useless by flooding, and disappeared into the countryside – becoming the first wild beavers in Britain since the species was hunted to extinction in the 16th century.

Two of the fugitives were rescued, while a search team, lead by owner Derek Gow, pursued Igor as he made his way down the river Tamar. He then set up camp outside the village of Gunnislake, where a honey trap was set using the scent of a female beaver.

Hurm.. what a good trick huh!!

Mid year trip

If you are stay in Asean country, this is the right time where you should plan for your holidays or mid year trip. Normally, Asean people will plan for their holidays around June or July.

Asean country has many interesting places for you to explore. You can find many things here but one for sure, there is no snow here, that’s mean you can’t wear your cheap ugg boots like you always do in Canada.

Anyway, Asean people is awesome… because there are so many cultures that you have never seen before. Trust me… you gonna enjoy it!

My short trip.

This is one of the busiest month in my life. I need to go so many places just to follow the schedule that have been arranged for me. I am so tired and what I wanna now is just to have some rest and a better sleep.

This week, I need to finish my training in KL and next month, I have to travel to Sabah. That’s mean I need to plan more earlier for a vacation on June.

Life is a roller coaster, and life is not easy as what we think. We need to plan our life, then only we can have a better one…

Affiliate – make money

There’s many ways for us to make money online. Me myself have lot of friends that already earned more than USD500 per month just from their online activities.

Affiliate can be the best option for us to start. We can try to make sales without any single cent involve. If not, we also can set up our own product and try to give special rate for early bird purchased. We can try to look at this site that busy in giving discount scrubs to their customers.

Business is about product and service. Once we can give the best to our customer, the repeatation sales will definitely comes again… and again…

How to you control your diet plan?

This will be the most busiest month for me. I need to attend more than 10 meetings and almost 15 presentations. Not only that, I also need to keep myself healthy because there’s more jobs that I need to do. Well… out station… again.

The things that always makes me worried is about my daily meal. Most of the time, I don’t have any options to choose my meal because it’s already provided by the hotel… and that’s makes me stress. That’s why I need to work more on reading about healthy trim reviews.

If you are a person who have a similar job scope like me, tha I suggest you to get more info about